George Andrix Workshop and Canadian Music Concert

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Edmonton composer George Andrix wrote 10 Pieces for Violin and Piano, Exploring the 20th Century for the Emerging Violinist. These pieces have been a focus in our lessons for October and November, and on the afternoon of November 16 Thomas’  violin and viola students from his Edmonton studio as well as several of his students from the Augustana Conservatory of Music participated in a workshop with Mr. Andrix on his 10 Pieces for Violin and Piano. In the workshop we covered all 10 of the pieces, and students had the opportunity to work with the composer to refine their performances and hear some of the musical and pedagogical inspiration for the pieces.


That evening in celebration of Canada Music Week, the Schoen Duo Studio presented a concert of music by Canadian composers.  Featured composers included George Andrix, Violet Archer, Emilie Cecilia LaBel, Murray Adaskin, Charles Stolte, John Weinzweig and Paul Steenhuisen.  Performances were by Thomas and Kathleen Schoen, Dorothy Beyer on recorder and piano, and violin, viola, flute and recorder students from the Schoen Duo Studio and the Augustana Conservatory of Music.

Here is a short video of our performance of several of the 10 Pieces for Violin and Piano by George Andrix. To hear a recording of all 10 of the pieces click here.

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